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Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development Preparatory activities for Technical Assistance to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) for the effective implementation of TOD and MMI




2020 - 2021




Asian Development Bank


Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Multi-Modal Integration (MMI)


TOD and Urban Design / Mobility specialist - Team Leader & Coordinator

Author of the ADB publication - Strategic Moves: Creating an enabling eco-system for the effective implementation of Transit Oriented Development and Multimodal Integration in Bengaluru, April 2023.

Project description 

The Asian Development Bank is providing financial assistance to Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) towards the expansion of the Bengaluru Metro network through interconnectivity with other lines through Phase 2A and a new connection from the City Centre to the Kempegowda International Airport through Phase 2B. With a total length of 56 km, 30 stations and two depots, Metro Phase 2 provides great opportunities for the city.  In addition, GoK requested Technical Assistance (TA) support from ADB for the following:

  1. Preparation of urban development plans and implementation frameworks based on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) principles that facilitate land value creation and capture.

  2. Creation of enabling infrastructure and institutional provisioning for seamless integration of different modes of Public transport, to provide efficient, accessible, convenient, and safe mobility options for all commuters.

  3. Strengthening institutional structures and build capacities of line agencies and stakeholders at all levels for delivery of sustainable and comprehensive urban mobility solutions and planning, designing, and managing TOD based urban development schemes and programs.

  4. Formulating a communication strategy and participatory process for TOD implementation and urban mobility. 

To ensure that the TA is implemented effectively and that the planning process is robust, and evidence based, it was necessary to create an enabling eco-system. Towards this aim, preparatory activities for the TA were undertaken by ADB for the implementing agencies. 

HTAU's role

HTAU was responsible for the structuring, planning, overall coordination and quality control of the preparatory activities for the TA to create the enabling ecosystem for the effective on-ground implementation of TOD and MMI and make the planning process for sustainable mobility and development in Bengaluru demand-driven and evidence-based. This ecosystem was founded on five pillars, including:

  1. An integrated Statutory and Regulatory framework for coordinated sustainable planning.

  2. An anchor agency to lead the planning and  implementation of sustainable development and mobility, coordinated across sectors.

  3. Capacity building for effective operationalisation.

  4. Robust data to aid effective planning.

  5. Pilot Projects to test adopted approaches and arrive at initial conclusions

HTAU led the:

  • Pro-active identification of appropriate strategies / initiatives necessary prior to the TA for the effective Implementing of TOD and MMI in Bangalore.

  • Formulation of an integrated statutory and regulatory framework to harmonize conflicts within existing Policies and Plans.

  • Assistance in strengthening institutional frameworks to enable effective planning and implementation of  sustainable development and mobility in the city, in general, and TOD in particular.

  • Assistance in setting up of a robust data base to aid  effective planning and ensure the TA is founded on high Identification of current skills gap to propose frameworks for capacity building programs for operational staff of line agencies and a high-level convening and round table to sensitize decision makers and create conditions of Preparation of ToRs for different components including detailed Scope of Work for the TA

  • Leading a varied team of individual consultants and firms to deliver all components of this stage of the project to the highest standards.


The project also led to an ADB publication, Strategic Moves: Creating an enabling eco-system for the effective implementation of Transit Oriented Development and Multimodal Integration in Bengaluru, April 2023. You can dowload the complete document at


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