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Appointed to prepare a Detailed Masterplan for the new Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Township (DCBL) in Belgaum, Karnataka, HTAU was posed with the following challenges: 1. How do you create a ‘place with a soul’ and an identity with only 500 residents?; 2. How do you create a model for making small settlements function in an inherently sustainable manner…for perpetuity?; 3. How do you create a township that can grow, change and adapt over the life-span of a cement plant of 50 – 100 years keeping the above alive? Our approach was defined by 1. Creating a township with a distinct ‘urban’ identity but in touch with its rural setting; 2. Offering all members of the community “choice” – choice of how to live – a theme, we believe, is intrinsically linked to ‘quality of life’; and 3. In doing so, allowing each member, across gender and age, to enhance their well being without jeopardizing the interests of others, and 4. Adopting a ‘closed-loop’ approach to resource management.

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