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Alaknanda Market, over the years, has established itself as a successful local market. However, the precinct faces issues of unauthorized and unmanaged parking, unsafe and uncomfortable walking and cycling environments, disorganized para-transit movement, no space for vendors, extreme congestion during school timings, unsafe intersections, and most importantly, a diluted sense of ‘place’; one that needs reinforcing and realigning. The aim of our proposal was to transform the area through a high quality public realm that is equitable, improves walkability, creates spaces for various activities to unfold and provides well designed, organized and managed parking for all modes.

The proposal allows for 176 spaces for short term parking within the Multi-Utility Zone (MUZ) of ROWs and 78 spaces for long term off-street parking planned as stack-parking within the Market area. All parking for private vehicles within public land is on a pay and use basis. In order to maximise parking turn-over and, therefore, parking capacity, short-term paid parking has been prioritised to facilitate visitors and shoppers. While parking provision in the proposal is at approximately 40% of the existing stock, through an effective pricing and management strategy and segregation of long-term and short-term parking as proposed, the proposal increases the parking turnover substantially (150%), thereby increasing the parking capacity of the precinct.

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