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HTAU partnered with Ernst and Young LLP to conduct a workshop with Maharashtra State Urban Development Department and all municipalities to enable a common understanding and approach to planning and development of TOD projects amongst the public sector stakeholders in Maharashtra and eventually agree on the key principles that can be incorporated into a State Level TOD Policy. The State Level TOD Policy is expected to act as an overarching framework for TOD planning (along the mass transit systems) by all the cities in Maharashtra. This is to ensure that the cities work towards restructuring densities and development along transit corridors to achieve sustainable patterns of growth. 
The workshop was led by Mriganka Saxena (HTAU). Session 1 focused on establishing the need for a TOD and understanding the concept and related key principles; Session 2 focused on comparing key planning elements under TOD Development Control Regulations, comparing key planning elements  under various aspects and then available and probable proposing  recommendations for the same; and Session 3 focused on strategies to capture land value increase due to public sector investment on the transit infrastructure.

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